My Assignment I Gave Myself

The Assignment: 100 Words About Yoga

Title: I’ve Started Yoga

The Words: 

Specifically hot yoga, and now that I’ve experienced it I can’t imagine doing it cold.  I go here: Moksha Yoga Downtown.  I think it’ll be good for my head, plus I can’t argue with something 5000+ years old.  

You shouldn’t talk during the hour long class and I’m terrible at relaxing, there’s nothing to focus on except your breath, so your world gets small and really, I’ve never thought about breathing before even though it’s always happening.  I’m a shallow breather.  

I’m also crooked.  Not like, “I wanna swindle ya” crooked, but physically, from always being bent over my laptop.  You’re probably reading this online so don’t be like me, sit up straight!

This morning I told my teacher she’s the most bendy person I know, because she is.



(watch Jan. 20 – “Live at 5” for why I’m doing this)

January 20 – Live at Five

At Cherry Beach talking about things I have to do, about yoga, and some babbling.

This is a very simple episode, hardly any editing because I’m taking it back to scratch to figure out a more efficient system of doing this.

The 100-word-assignments are in preparation for when I go to the Olympics and have to write 100-word article each day for the paper Vancouver 24hrs.

Thanks for tuning in today, TTYT!

Lunch and Blog Plotting with Iain

It’s thanks to him my blog functions as well as it does.  We’re beefing up my blog, click here to kinda see the design.

He’s helped me since last summer, click here for the time we finally met IRL back in October.  If you need web help, IA or UX you need Iain.  

And dude, I hope you left your jaw good and slacked for that photo and you know next time I see ya I’ll be asking to see it.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Looking Official

With my new intro logo, thanks Greg!  

151 Front Street

I’ve got a thing for this place:

Built in 1954 for telegraph equipment (I’m so glad I wasn’t born back then) and today is one of North America’s most connected buildings, called a “carrier hotel“.

Over 150 telecommunications companies are in here including the big guys Bell, Rogers and Telus, and there’s very high level of security; you need an escort to go to the Meet-Me-room, so cool.  

Anyone wanna take me on a tour please? 

Here’s their website.

January 19 – Live at Five

For more info about 151 Front Street.

Thanks for the backgrounds, Aaron McKenzie Fraser… premiere photographer in Halifax.

Remember that time I talked my way onto a warship

Learn about the Halifax Explosion here.

Thanks for the footage, DJ IV, and watch the full video here.

Hey internet!  Classified and a host of Eastern Canadian artists are putting on a benefit concert for Haiti in Halifax February 8, click here for details.

Excited for the finished video, Cazhhmere, way to go lady.

My favourite Classified songs:

The Maritimes

All About You (Cazhhmere also directed this one)

Hard to be Hip Hop

– the new one, Oh Canada 

And HEY CLASSIFIED!  I wrote a song too!  Click here to watch my theme song, I sum it all up in 18 seconds.

Best Article Written About Me Yet

Click here to read it.

Remember when Rob and I had coffee?  He’s the founder of and the guy behind the article.  

Thanks Rob, pumped to be a part of your network. 

January 18 – “Live at 5”

We Canadians are breaking records in our giving to Haiti, proud of us!  Click here for how you can help and give.

Sheldon and I go looking for the garbage bins at King and Yonge which have mysteriously disappeared.  If you know anything leave a comment or Tweet us please.

We visit the beautiful Eastern Townships in Quebec thanks to Stephane’s photos.  Merci mon ami!

And I tell you about my upcoming job at the Olympics.

Thanks for tuning in, please send me your favourite place in Canada for my background, any size and resolution:  Keri at


Haiti Photo Credits: [in order of appearance]

– Hans Deryk / REUTERS
– Chris Hondros / Getty Images
– Jae C. Hong / AP Photo
– Tyler Anderson / AP Photo
– Daniel Aguilar / REUTERS

See all photos here:

Contract Ironing and Signing

And then faxing and DONE omg.

Met With My Lawyer

I like that he has a Buddha in his office.

See a photo of us and meet him here.