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Exploring Fashion Week


click here to meet Tom
here for that time Chris and Jim made me bake a pie
– and here to see who branded this entire event… Jody!

LG Fashion Week is a big deal here in Toronto, and this year for the closing gala show Hoax Couture (one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious fashion houses) got together with the Stephen Lewis Foundation to raise money for those suffering with AIDS in Africa.

25 of Canada’s top fashion designers created 25 couture pieces from fabric found in Africa. The support for this event was huge and many of Canada’s biggest names turned out to lend a hand including Brian Bailey who’s so great… like, he could give you the worst news ever and you’d still wanna hug him. 

Via Rail’s new uniforms are looking good eh.  And it was funny to run into my hairdresser Brennen Demelo even though I shouldn’t have been surprised at all he was in charge of all the hair. 

The models in the show were real people, in order of appearance:

– a nice model
– major CDN R&B singer Jully Black
Jessi Cruickshank from MTV Canada
– MP Olivia Chow
Traci Melchor from eTalk, wearing Hoax’s creation

… looking great, ladies!

Thanks for Today’s Backgrounds

From Toronto Photoblogger David of SeemsArtless.com

And Suzy Lamont Photography.

Live at 5 – Includes GIANT Announcement

Thank you Canoe.ca, THANK YOU. 

Links to things mentioned:

– the lunch I’m talking about, click here

– the meeting, click here for a photo and here for a video

Exploring Ice Fishing


Click here to read the story from that day.

Me Tonight

Me to waiter: Wait wait, am I at “the” restaurant of TO right now? 

I was: Buca.  And my sweater dress shrank so I accidentally had on the shortest dress ever oops.

Thanks for Today’s Backgrounds

From Scott on the left, and that’s “Snoetry“, an invention by Gregory Alan Elliott.

January 14 – “Live at 5”

Today we explore Canada’s largest ever-in-history privately funded art park.  Located in Cityplace and funded by Li Ka-shing, one of the world’s richest men, philanthropist and cool guy, and designed by my ‘Top 3 Authors of my life’ Douglas Coupland.  Click his name there to find all blog mentions of him.

Haiti needs your help, please text 45678 to donate $5.

And we talk to Canadians about the upcoming Olympics.

Thanks for tuning in, and please send in photos of your favourite places in Canada!  You can email them to me at: Keri @ TheCanadianExplorer.com.  TTYT!

Jody Was my Cameraman Today

Recording Audio for Tonight’s “Live at 5”

It’s news-y sounding, for the beginning.