Re-Built my Laptop Today

Holy crap does it ever feel better.

I went to Apple for help, and learned they send all their Genius’ to California for 3 weeks training, and it’s tougher to get certified as a Genius than it is to get admitted to Stanford.

That’s the guy you want to help you, Greg at the Sherway Gardens location.  Thanks, dude. 

Cleaned my Laptop

It’s been acting weird for months, look, where’d that come from?

As IF I would let anything Microsoft touch my laptop, in the same way I don’t download things.  I’m as adamant about that as I am disliking HD.

That’s the Navy episode, woah eh.  Go Navy.

Before I deleted things that’s how much space was left on my hard drive, bad I know.

And of course I opted for the 35 times pass, the DND standard.  

Don’t get screwed like me though… I set it and went to bed only to wake up to a popup window.  Didn’t work.  It takes a day and a half to complete. 

To my Donors: Sincerely Thank You

A LaCie rugged hard drive.  

This is the second purchase since the first one.

Me Today


I have 1.4 terabytes of information.

Forgot to Do This Last Week

My New Haircut – thank you Brennen!

Watch the episode we made together here.

January 29 – “Live at 5”

There’s been an almost epidemic of people getting hit by cars here in Toronto this January, why?

Thanks for your responses from Twitter, unfortunately they were part of the lost-audio incident.  I’ll post them in the comments, kay.

And the unanimous answer today was, “look up, be more aware, more responsibility from the side of the pedestrian”.

Thanks for watching, TTYS.

Big Day for CDN Gifts

That was waiting for me in the mail when I got home, thank you lady xo.

I LOVE getting mail, hint 🙂 

Then PR Jack procured some official Olympic mitts for me, appreciate it dude! 

(get some too at The Bay – the official Olympic clothing supplier.  1/34 Canadians have ’em, neat eh)

January 28 – “Live at 5”

Busy day today, back to regular programming tomorrow.

Please message me your opinion on why so many pedestrians have been hit by cars this January, because that’s tomorrow’s topic.

Thanks for tuning in, TTYT!

From Twitter Today

– I’m in a real office today working, playing pretend-office for real.

– Just found the receipt from that time I bought $120 of candy online.

– Had lunch in a cafeteria with other office people.  Lady said, “you’ve never been here eh” cause I guess I looked so excited.

– I’ve almost not at all been online today. 

Betcha I shredded 4 pounds of stuff.