January 25 – “Live at 5”

Learning about accreditation today.  Which turns out is a way bigger deal than you realize.

I received my official “you’re accredited” letter over the weekend, which means I’ll get a press pass and be granted access to some places.  

Not all places though, that’s for journalists from the big guys (CTV / NBC) which makes sense – they paid the most for the rights to broadcast so they should get the best access. There’s 3 levels of journalists at the Olympics and now I’m in the 2nd tier.

Here’s the BC Media Centre; I’m probably going to hang out there a LOT.  They let you have as much internet as you want.

Thanks for watching, TTYT! 

Cleaning Off My Camera

My trick to remembering where I parked:

On the left when I found it made me miss my ponytail.  On the right is what I’ll change my profile pic to.  

Fred shirts for sale at… Walmart.  Am I the only one that finds that odd?  

That’s a studio milestone… odometre is in miles, eh.

Making a new footer and directory for a new year, kinda a big deal.  That list of file names is an example of my personal nomenclature, ha.  

The bottom photo is what’s gonna be the toughest thing about a video/day… rendering and uploading time.

I Was on the News Last Night

CBC’s ‘The National’, click that to watch and fast forward to a third through.  

And just like that I became “the official sympathizer of the TTC sleeping guy”, ha. 


We interviewed each other, here’s my episode from that:

Dinner with Jody

After we left the restaurant I handed her my camera, “need to blog my new hair, photos please”.

Me: how did you make my camera DO that?

Jody: Stand here, I want to use the glow from the sign
Me: Kay
Me: Why does your face look like that?
Jody: Because look what I posed you beside
Us: ahahaha

January 22 – “Live at 5”

I said I’d be on Queen Street and Peter today from 12:30 – 1:15 with my camera, come say hi to Canada.  And you did!


Have you seen that Twitpic of the sleeping TTC guy?  CBC reporter Michael Dick arrived to do a story on him and so we interviewed each other.  This was at 1:08pm.

And it was only after that did I realize every interview before I’d accidentally cut off the heads of everyone. 

Thanks for taking the time, sorry I paid you back by decapitating you.

Tune in tonight at 7 for the telethon ‘Canada for Haiti’ and call in with your cash.  Details here: MuchMusic.com 

Thank you for watching, TTYS.

Two Quick Things

At 12:30 – 1:15 on Queen West and Peter I’ll be there with my camera, come say hi to Canada for tonight’s “Live at 5”.  Let’s talk about it 🙂

And thank you for your blog comments, sorry I’ve not responded yet I will later today, just been busy.

See ya soon! 

My Daily 100-Word Assignment

The Assignment: 100 Words on the Internet and Bell

From: Ben Lucier

The Words:

Every computer has an IP address, a number that looks like 333.333.22.333, think of it as the “language of the internet”.  My computer could not talk to yours if they didn’t speak IP.  

Pulling stuff off the internet, “surfing”, is four times as fast as sending stuff up, “uploading”. A good upload speed would be about 8MBs/sec.  However, Bell has this new service where, ready?, where you can upload at… 24MB/sec.  Like I said to Ben, “that would change my life”.

I said I’d like a Turbostick, a USB key that connects me wherever I am, then I can upload “Live at 5” from the middle of the woods.  Only if I was sponsored though, the per-usage price plan would kill me.


DISCLAIMER: I’d take absolutely nothing in this article for fact, pretty sure I butchered it all and instead follow the links below to see Ben’s cloud diagrams and more. 

Links: click here and here 

Hey Ben – if I got something wrong correct me in the comments please, kay!

January 21 – Live at Five

Back to ‘The Canadian Explorer’ roots today, driving around in the studio.

My airline ticket arrived in my email yesterday!  I’m getting shipped out February 11, back March 1 for the Olympics.  Thank you, Canoe.ca.  

Then we pass Hearn Generating Station whose smokestack is the 2nd tallest object in Toronto.  Click that link to see inside, and click here for the video of the same (fast forward to 0:23).

We visit the Cheltenham Badlands where @Photojunkie (Rannie Turingan) and I went last summer.  There’s a giant version of this in Alberta, and it looks like it does because in the 1930s it was over-farmed. 

Come meet me here on Queen St. West tomorrow between 12:30-1:15pm to say hi to Canada, kay!

Thanks for watching, TTYT.

Coffee with Ben

Meet Ben Lucier, and you gotta see the homepage of his blog because it just does not get old for me.

He gave me my 100-word assignment today: internet things and Bell.  He’s a VoIP expert and right now I’m regretting not taking notes; let’s see how my memory does.

Thanks again dude for trying to get me into 151 Front Street; if that works OMG.

What 100 Words Looks Like

See?  Little.  

The red arrow is pointing at Peter MacKay, our Minister of National Defence

He’s known as a ladies man on Parliament Hill and was chosen 8 years in a row as ‘Canada’s Sexiest Male MP’ by The Hill Times, ha.