100 Words – Winter Olympic Athletes

FROM: Jeff Gignac

Jeff asked me to name my favourite athlete and why, but I could never choose just one.  

You’ve trained for years, in a sport that makes you cold, your concentration level is impressive to get to this level, you’re trying to make Canada proud – I’m your fan.  And that description could fit any of our athletes.

Kay between that paragraph and this one I was on Vancouver2010.com, and I can only find two Canadian athletes competing?  Both in my beloved luge.  I must be doing something wrong.  I’m gonna look into this.  

And WOAH that’s 100 words?!


Send me a 100-word assignment for tomorrow please!

January 27 – “Live at 5”

Why are so many people getting hit by cars?  

I didn’t find out today but will try again later this week, please @KeriCDN to weigh in, kay.

Hamilton, Ontario is the waterfall capital of the world, there’s 125+ of them.  Click here for more from that exploration, and click here to see a city waterfall I once found.

The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest circulation paper, click here for more from that exploration.

Please send me any topics you’d like to read 100 words on, today Jeff would like to know about winter Olympic athletes.
Thanks for watching, TTYT!

An Update about Today’s “Live @ 5”

Look, I’m Butters from South Park

Me Tonight

Little bit tired.

100 Words – Why I Like ‘Modern Warfare’

Everything else in life dissapears when playing, eh.  I stand up, yell and forget to blink so my contacts get crispy.

Below on the right is when I stopped to blog, ha.  That laptop is in my favourite level, the suburban one with the yellow tank.  In the distant future I can see that actually happening.

I’m not sure pumping violence into my eyes is good for a human, but I do think this game probably acts as a little reality check for my delusions of spydom.

I’d like to customize my controller more, reversing the R1&2 buttons so I stop accidentally throwing grenades.  And I’m not surprised MW2 has outsold any other entertainment anything, for having played a total of 2 hours I shouldn’t be thinking about it this much.


Kay 100 words is tough.  Good thing I’m training.  

Below are the kind of games I like to play after, the polar-opposite of MW2.

Click here for what this 100-word-daily-assignment thing is about. 

January 26 – “Live at 5”

Talking about my Olympic plans after lunch with my editor.  Think I’ll hit the streets again tomorrow, I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks for watching, TTYT! 

Meeting with My Editor

I took notes on a napkin, I often do.

Me Tonight

2:20 Hours of Content

That’s my “total length of videos online”, added thanks to Lucian.  

Here’s what I look like in Adobe Premiere:

Ugh, we do not match.  

Here’s what my laugh looks like in Final Cut.