Welcome to my Internet show, ‘The Canadian Explorer’. in 2007 I decided Canada needed more celebrating; it is the best country in which to live. I taught myself to be a 1-girl-show, and for 80 episodes I travelled around doing just that, and it was awesome.

I hope you feel more excited and protective of Canada after visiting here, that was the point.
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Featured Episode: Exploring Ice Fishing

Highlights from the show include… meeting some Leaf’s hockey legends… going ice fishing… exploring Parkour… visiting a classic Canadian fair… when I figured out how to beat facial recognition software, hanging with the world’s best duck decoy carver… covering Van2010 for Sun Media where I celebrated the Olympics through dance… turned myself into an animated gif… being CBC’s inaugural made-for-web show… discovering both CBC and the Toronto Star employ robots… if you’re new I’d prefer you start reading my blog around March 09

… encouraging you to re-affirm your oath to Canada (takes only 11 seconds)… exploring one of our three sacred sites the Petroglyphs… there was that time I turned into Butters from South Park and then a Toronto Unicorn, did you know our Canadian Coat-of-Arms has a Unicorn?…  just chatting with other Canadians… when the tree broke under me… accidentally became the national sympathizer for the sleeping TTC guy… teaming up with Canada Goose… when I sailed 2 nights aboard our nation’s largest warship then hitchhiked home… building a green screen studio

… made a manifesto… had a cycling team… had a daily news show I called Live@5… declared my love of spy stuff and blogged a lot about it… fell in love with hockey and my fannypack… invented the “Blog Party” and threw one downtown Toronto and invited the internet… stated some Vancouver facts… saw the CNE… made a PSA… and laughed really really hard.



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Come visit at my new home : KeriBlog.com