Behind-The-Scenes of the First ‘Live at 5’

1 – this is being not “camera ready”, even though for once I actually tried.  Didn’t realize how bad my microphone was altering things.  There’s a lot going on for this 1.5 minutes.  I’ve gotta new respect for the daily news people

2 – I’m kneeling; because my green screen studio is so tiny, I must

3 – It floors me how hot those construction lights become.  I don’t understand how they’re not starting fires all over the place everyday.  

My First EVER “Live at 5”

A test of my latest invention, “Live at 5”. 

It’s information light and long, I know, it’ll get heavier and better as I figure out a system for doing this. Everyday.

Click here to meet Keith in an episode and learn about diamonds; he’s the ‘Official Gemologist of The Canadian Explorer’.

Leave comments and suggestions please, and send photos of your favourite place in Canada so I can green screen it!


Lunch With the ‘Official Gemologist’ of TCE

Meet Keith here in the episode, ‘Exploring Diamonds‘.  

I wore a ridiculous bracelet to lunch, 720 diamonds in total I know.

Keith: What’s on your arm there?
Me: I’m in the jewelry business now too; this is a prototype of my first piece
Keith: It looks like a gas mask
Me: It is a gask mask!
Keith: Uh-huh.  We need to redefine your definition of jewelry
Me: Phft

Visit Keith’s store online,

This is Me Talking to the UK

It’s Liam of 2PetalRose on the other end, my jewelry designing partner.  Meet us here (and see my passport photo, too).

Our first piece will be the ‘Gas Mask Bracelet’.  Bottom right is the one I’ve been wearing (see me in it here), but ours will be more realistic looking, like this one.

Rob and Me and

Meet Rob, founder of  

He interviewed me today for a profile on his site, thanks Rob!  Looking forward to linking that up when I’m live.

Rob’s great at SEO and so’s Stephen, Rob’s pal who randomly came into the Starbucks at Queen and John where we were; I picked up some excellent tips, thanks fellas.  

Stephen’s the one who took this photo.  Except the manager said no photos allowed in any Starbucks, company policy.  Phft; Tim Horton’s would never

Screenshots from Filming

Doesn’t it look like I’m in the Arctic?

Jody and I went to Lake Ontario… I filmed stuff for my latest invention, she photographed stuff because she loves that.

Dropped This Off This Morning

That’s the bio page from my pitch.  Good luck to me.

My New Pen

It’s very me, eh?  A smiley face Maple Leaf pal from StoneAge.

I Heart Hamilton

No particular reason, just do.  I went there today.

Did you know Hamilton is the ‘Waterfall Capital of the World‘?  There’s over 125 of them.

MOVIE GOES HERE (I’ll put it in tomorrow kay)

I like how there’s more independent stores than brand name ones.

The Toronto-Hamilton region is the most industrialized area of all of Canada, and 60% of Canada’s steel is produced here hence the nickname, ‘The Steel Capital of Canada’.

Of course I went to see the HMCS Haida, our last destroyer from WW2.  I like my ship more.

There’s some special places here, on the left is an important building for the Canadain National Railway I forgot to write down the name of.

And on the right is maybe the city’s fanciest house, the Scottish Rite Castle.  Which is directly beside the Grand Lodge of Canada.  

I find this fascinating I mean, Mason’s don’t do things by accident, you know?  That their HQ is here must mean something.

Articles are popping up saying how artists and cool people are moving from Toronto here, and I can see why; the place reeks of potential.  

If I was in charge of a real estate conglomerate I’d be buying up all kinds of stuff, post haste.

Me Today

Oh wait, I haven’t shown you my new necklace yet.  One sec…

Kay look, Casie made it for me for Xmas. 

This is the story that came with it:

1 – Red & White for Canada

2 – That piece moves around because so do I

3 – That’s a star and is to be worn on the left over my heart.

I love it, thank you Casie.