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My ‘Samsung Mobile Explorers’ Contest Entry

Voting is now closed, click here to see how I placed… 5th!!

Samsung is the ‘Official Mobile Olympic Partner’ with their new phone, the OMNIA II.  So they are hosting a contest to send 5 teams of 2 out to Vancouver for 3 weeks to report for them, and come ON how perfect a fit is this?! 

Above is my video entry… and HEY SAMSUNG PEOPLE!  I’m the team you want, what your rules asked us to do in our entries is what I’ve been doing for yearsss, Mike too (that’s my team, Mike and I, ‘The CDN Explorers’).

And also Samsungclick here to meet me in 18 seconds when I sum it up for you, in song, click here for maybe my favourite episode, “Exploring the CDN Navy”, and here for the ‘Blog Party’ video I’m referencing in my entry.

And here’s the TwitVid from the video.


Using a Green Screen

Final Cut Pro makes it pretty easy… make sure to add a green gradient background in, really makes a difference.  My screen is just an Ikea blanket.

The key is the sit further away from the screen then you think, and make sure the subject (you) have your own light. 

My First Green Screen Video Ever

The ‘Blog Party’ Episode

I threw myself a ‘Blog Party’ (invite is here all links about it are here) to bring the online world into the real one, and to kick off Season 2 of ‘The Canadian Explorer’.  

Here is that party.


In order of appearance:

– watch the full episode, ‘Exploring a Fair

– watch the full, ‘I Read You my Manifesto

– pipe maker Julius Vesz

– about the Badlands

– Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world

– the Transformer convention

– about diamonds, click here and here

– the oldest baseball park in the world  

– the Toronto Star

Ensoe and his graffiti


– sponsor ideas, “What’s Out Her Window?” and “What’s In Her Backseat?” 

– search: Brennen Demelo

– about me laughing

– my Gary Vaynerchuk interview

– when I talked my way onto a warship, ‘Exploring the CDN Navy’, probably my favourite episode yet, and make sure to click on ‘How I Got Home’

– the Hockey Legends at Maple Leaf Gardens

– my Intro and Theme Song

Thank you kindly to my sponsors!

The Reservoir Lounge (Ray is your guy, meet him in this post) (and read why I love them in this post) (learn more about them in this post

Five Hockey Legends

The Scotiabank Hockey Club put on an event, ‘Skate with the Greats’ tonight at Maple Leaf Gardens, and look how cute they are:

Left to right that’s Red Kelly and Dick Duff,

and Bob Nevin and Johnny Bower,

and Mark Napier, now the Executive Director of the NHL Alumni Association.

Among all of them there are almost 20 Stanley Cups I know.  


EDITED Jan2 – This was my Xmas gift to Canada… 5 hockey legends who united our country.  Hockey, especially the Leafs, is a big piece of CDN history and starring these guys.  Go Leafs!!

Gary Vaynerchuk Loves Canada!

Gary Vaynerchuk – I’ve been a fan since discovering him in early ’08 so of course I went tonight because he’s on his book tour (#2 on the NY Times Bestseller list!) and I wanted to shake his hand.

He’s even better in person and is 100% present.  Plus his hustle comes out of his pores and sticks to you, nice.

Oh and hey Gary!  When reviewing the footage, I realized something I told you isn’t correct… yes I’ve had an online show for 2+ years but only since February of this year have I had this website.  

And that’s the biggest thing I took away from your book: it takes time and I must be more patient than I naturally am.

Click here to see my Intro and have me sum it up in 18 seconds, in song.

And here’s my best episode yet, Exploring the CDN Navy

Thank you for taking the time tonight and the best of luck to you, you wear success well.

Crush It the book

check out my friend Gary’s
Business Book

I inhaled his book, you should too, click above to buy.

Exploring Nuit Blanche

Awesome event: everything and everyone open and out in the middle of the night. 

– click here to meet Councillor Ray and see a TwitVid broadcast during the party

– click here to meet Winnie, my producer for the night who was amazing, thanks lady!

– click here to read about the pre-kick-off party at Scotiabank I went to Thursday

– pretty cool Toronto’s Mayor is on Twitter eh, click here to go to his page

– and click here to kinda peek at his office from that time I was there sorta 

– thank you for the music

Exploring the CDN Navy

Yup that’s me at the end there, gunner-at-heart… did you see me flinch?  Exactly.

I sailed with the HMCS Ville de Quebec for two nights from Toronto to Sarnia on September 8 – 10th.  For more about this episode: september 22 2009

– how I ended up on the ship in the first place, click here

– what I did during my first day, click here

– ship facts click here, and ship artifacts click here

– me on the ship at night, click here

– about driving the ship, click here

– what it’s like to sleep on the ship, click here

– the crew’s favourite mission, please do click here

– my desk on the ship, click here

– about editing this episode, click here and here

– some in-studio screenshots, click here 

– how I got home, click here

Lastly, our Navy really “gets it”, this online stuff.  They’re the ones who dreamed up my epic ending and fought to get the footage, they’re allowed unrestricted online access aboard and the ship even has her own Facebook Fan page, one of the first in the Forces.  

[thank you to for the soundtrack]

Exploring Diamonds

Meet Keith Williams, owner of the largest diamond house in Canada and also, ‘The Official Gemologist of The Canadian Explorer’!

september 2 2009

We ogled stones (below top photo is 30+ carats total weight), I pushed them around with jewelers tweezers (which are more delicate than you think), and shone a UV light on them because 10% of all diamonds will refract back a solid purple.  

The scales gemologists use to weigh stones are so sensitive they’re housed in a box you must close the door to because a light breeze will affect the results.  Bottom right is a design that’s being shipped to Tiffany’s soon.

Then he took me for dinner to George and we cackled and laughed, agreed ‘Hells Kitchen’ and Gordon Ramsay are fantastic (Keith, I saw him once, click here). 

I met Keith at a cycling race weeks back and did you know last year he came ‘3rd in Ontario’ in the Time Trial races?  I know, sick.

Thank you Keith, a lot!

NOTE: woah, as I linked up that restaurant I saw the adress is 111 Queen Street, weird, because as I’ve said is my special number.  There were many things like that today, love it.


Learn more about diamonds in this post

Watch another video of us here 

What I’ve Been Up To #2


More information on this episode.  In order of appearance: august 26 2009

– Hearn Generating Station, click here and here

– map of where I’m driving, click here

– what I did at the Indy, click here

– about the Brennen & Rowenta partnership, click herehere and here

– I chose those potential sponsors because I actually use the stuff… click here for ‘The Tim’s Shot’, here for ‘THE Blackberry Shot’, here to meet my Rogers girl Sandra, here to meet the owner of my favourite gas station… and so it goes.  Keri Lotion obviously.

– about Stéphane’s grassroots marketing campaign here and here  *

– see the postcard I mailed to George here

– what I said on Twitter about the C130 here

– about my brother and I laughing hard here

* Why I felt compelled to tell you about this in French, that was a mistake… Stéphane is French so I thought it’d be nice to speak in his language but I just butchered it all.  That’s the peril of doing “I get one shot at this”… so sorry, I realize it’s painful to watch, least you didn’t have to edit it OMG I was in a perma-cringe.