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This is an ad for the last episode of Canadian Explorer. 

Ep #79 – Our Big Hockey Gold Win

Remember when we CRUSHED IT at the Van2010 Olympics this year?? 

Here’s the streets of Vancouver after our 14th world-record Gold Medal hockey win.


The guy at the end, love him, “here we gooooooo!”.

Getting Sand

I sent that to my newspaper pals at Vancouver 24 Hours as a “thanks for having me” gift, and included was a labelled ziploc of sand for Dean because I’d overheard he collects it (I don’t get it either).

That’s a Canada Goose Camp Down jacket.  

I’m at Cherry Beach.

Ep. #24 – Exploring the Biathlon

The fans were colourful and loud in many languages.  

These athletes are beasts to ski like that for an hour, and the target is the size of a loonie.

Ep. #23 – What I’m Most Proud Of For Van2010

Also cool is that we threw the world’s biggest party and never did you see an automatic weapon.  

Footage is from the afternoon after our big Gold Sunday Hockey Win.

Ep. #22 – Exploring Pin Collecting

It was a huge “thing” at the Olympics, it just happened. I didn’t collect any, and was given two. 

Mail your SASE here.

Ep. #21 – Exploring the Bell Ice Cube

You probably saw this place often on TV, here we walk through it and see their new hover technology.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: I’m not sponsored by Bell.  And the hockey tickets are from them (ty j).

But, it’s kinda ad-like, right?  Exactly – this is now my go-to example to send potential sponsors . 

Ep. #20 – Part 1/5 of ‘Olympic Wrap-Up Week’


Divided my trip into 4-day-chunks, today is: February 11 until February 14


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Ep. #19 – It’s ‘Olympic Wrap-Up Week’

My trip divided into 4-day chunks, because I still have SO much to tell you. 

Ep. #18 – Sleeping on Jericho Beach?

It didn’t turn out to be true, but what a landscape eh?  This is why everyone moves here; few people are born and raised here, that’s a fact.

It’s a very young city eh, 60 years is considered old here.