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Ep. #17 – Celebrating the Olympics Through Dance

SpandyAndy is a Vancouver celebrity, and we got together to celebrate the Olympics through dance. 

He’s a positive and exuberant guy who, “comes out everyday and tries his best to put smiles on people’s faces”, and judging by the mob that surrounded him afterwards, he’s succeeding.  Because what you see is genuine.

Loved our time together dude, and look forward to seeing you make it big. 

Ep. #16 – Exploring Whistler Village


It’s like a movie set here at Whistler Village, all shiny and lined up.  I’ve also noted a new theme here at the Games is people photobombing my shots… love it.

And that I held a Gold medal, O M G.  

Ep. #15 – Exploring the Alberta Train

How I was lucky enough to ride Canada’s nicest train, the ‘Alberta Train’ by Rocky Mountaineer, I don’t know, nor how chef’s Brad Smoliak and Steve Buzak put out 5 star meals on a moving vehicle.

And what a way to see such a landscape, which I’ve never seen; Canada is gorgeous, eh. 

Thank you sincerely, Alberta Train, for a fantastic experience and being genuinely kind.  And the sick hat.

Ep. #14 – Exploring the Seawall

Everyone kept telling me I had to walk the Seawall before leaving, so I did. 

It’s not so much a wall than a two lane pedestrian path, and I walked it around to the Cauldron because you can’t not see that in person.  It’s very luminous.

Thanks for being my producer today, Mary, you’re the best at it I’ve had.  

Ep. #13 – Exploring the O Zone

If you can’t make it downtwon but want to celebrate the Games out in Richmond, here’s where you go:

Also the site of the fabled Heineken House where a party so big happens each night it’s got a cult following in under a week.

Those are D’uh Hockey Guys, ten feet of fun. 

Ep. #12 – What Happened After Our Hockey Win

Last night our Canadian Men’s hockey team defeated the Swiss, and downtown afterwards here’s what ensued.

Ep. #11 – Chatting with David Langford

David Langford is the National Sports Editor for Sun Media, and we talked about the Games in the heart of Robson Square.  

Great work amalgomating it all dude, and have fun at your much deserved party tonight!

Ep. #10 – Chatting with Steve Simmons

Maybe Sun Media’s oldest sports writiers Stve’s the one they call first to cover the Olympics… this is his 13th, I KNOW eh.  I like this marathon metaphor.
Today is his birthday… Happy Birthday Steve, may all your dreams come true.

(note: I didn’t edit this, Mark did for me and OMG, handing over footage then “Keri, wanna see?” and it’s done come ON.  Second time I’ve had editing help and like I said before: it’s like crack and I want more). 

Ep. #9 – Chatting with Steve Buffery

Steve Buffery on of Canada’s veteran sports writers, this is his 8th Olympics what?!

We talked figure skating, told jokes and I love how we’re aggressively going after the podium this time around.

Welcome to the internet, Steve! 

Ep. #8 – Looking to Celebrate our First Gold

The wait is over, we’ve achieved a Gold Medal at our own Games for the first time ever!  I figured the streets would be losing their minds so I took to them to lose mine too, but it was bigger in my head. 

Here’s what I found instead.

Also, voice over work is my nemesis.