Yup that’s me at the end there, gunner-at-heart… did you see me flinch?  Exactly.

I sailed with the HMCS Ville de Quebec for two nights from Toronto to Sarnia on September 8 – 10th.  For more about this episode: september 22 2009

– how I ended up on the ship in the first place, click here

– what I did during my first day, click here

– ship facts click here, and ship artifacts click here

– me on the ship at night, click here

– about driving the ship, click here

– what it’s like to sleep on the ship, click here

– the crew’s favourite mission, please do click here

– my desk on the ship, click here

– about editing this episode, click here and here

– some in-studio screenshots, click here 

– how I got home, click here

Lastly, our Navy really “gets it”, this online stuff.  They’re the ones who dreamed up my epic ending and fought to get the footage, they’re allowed unrestricted online access aboard and the ship even has her own Facebook Fan page, one of the first in the Forces.  

[thank you to MusicBakery.com for the soundtrack]