may 30 2009

The place was on its feet after every song… that’d be 35 times.  Ya, long concert.  First together, then Elton, then Billy, then back together for the big encore.  I thought it was nice how two musical giants shared their songs like that, and when they first took to the stage they hugged.

There on the left, that’s my view.  I was stationed at the sound mixer and had maybe the best seat in the house.  You know how I know?  Because for the Elton parts who comes and sits on the crate beside me?  David Furnish.  

I made an effort not to look at him (don’t need a repeat of the Larry incident) plus how annoying for him to be stared at because he’s famous.  Here’s what I tweeted after:

     Tough to tell who TO liked better, Elton or Billy. But David Furnish smells really good.

Cause he does.  And he was just like, nice; Elton’s lucky.  I gave him a piece of gum halfway through and when he left he smiled and patted me on the back twice, sick.  When Elton said he was now half-Canadian everyone cheered.

“Crocodile Rock” was Elton’s biggest crowd pleaser (they lost it) and Billy said “We Didn’t Start the Fire” has had a lot written about it but is actually meaningless. 

My lips there… I only took one photo the whole night and I guess I still had the zoom way up because that’s what came out.  Only one?  Yup, taking photos of yourself in front of 20 000 people is nervousness.