march 23 2009
I attended a 3 hour orientation for the BMO Field tonight, for work.  Here are some facts:

– this is the home of the Toronto FC, Canada’s first Major League Soccer (MLS) team
– it’s also the home of Canada’s only Major League Lacrosee (MLL) team, the Toronto Nationals
– games go on rain or shine
– apparently soccer fans are very… intense.  The circles on the map above indicate sanctioned areas for these fans to be intense
– and the 2 circles with the $ signs attached indicate where the pricest seats are
– you cannot bring neither hairspray nor silly string into the BMO
– most food concessions accept only cash, and there are no concession stands anywhere on the north side. But if you’re allergic to peanuts don’t eat anything here
– you’re gonna want to avoid driving here on April 4th and June 6th & 24th because there’s something happening in every single building in the CNE and good luck finding parking
– there are only 4 drinking fountains, located in sections 111 and 114
– the field is fake, it uses FieldTurf
– there is a 95% renewal rate on season’s tickets