Ryan (of AbootPlay.ca and DearToronto.com) and I are off to film together.  I’m gonna pick him up in the studio on Saturday and have mapped us out a 3-stop, military-themed exploration.

It’s unlikely, but if we did have extra time there’s 3 other spots I’d go, just to see them:

1 – the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – Canada’s biggest collection of rare books that anyone can access.  That you can film inside surprises me because rare book theft (especially maps) is a serious problem.

2 – Toronto’s first Post Office.  I’m a long time fan of mailing things, and it’s Canada’s only example of a British Colonial post office.may 21 2009

3 – The art-deco masterpiece, the Canada Permanent Trust Building .  I like art deco, want to know how a place could live up to such a name, and am now extra curious on account of just discovering their tiny tiny Wikipedia page (why? because of what I coincidently tweeted earlier today).