The Assignment: 100 Words on the Internet and Bell

From: Ben Lucier

The Words:

Every computer has an IP address, a number that looks like 333.333.22.333, think of it as the “language of the internet”.  My computer could not talk to yours if they didn’t speak IP.  

Pulling stuff off the internet, “surfing”, is four times as fast as sending stuff up, “uploading”. A good upload speed would be about 8MBs/sec.  However, Bell has this new service where, ready?, where you can upload at… 24MB/sec.  Like I said to Ben, “that would change my life”.

I said I’d like a Turbostick, a USB key that connects me wherever I am, then I can upload “Live at 5” from the middle of the woods.  Only if I was sponsored though, the per-usage price plan would kill me.


DISCLAIMER: I’d take absolutely nothing in this article for fact, pretty sure I butchered it all and instead follow the links below to see Ben’s cloud diagrams and more. 

Links: click here and here 

Hey Ben – if I got something wrong correct me in the comments please, kay!