Blogging Hereos by Michael A. Banks.

For Xmas ’09 I gave myself this and this book (big Andy McNab fan here).  The year before I got a Jawbone.

The book is exactly what I needed, reigniting my love of blogging and all that.  It’s also serving as a good reminder I’m on the right track, how to go about it all, stuff like that.

Not gonna lie – since after my post-Olympic crash I’ve been finding it tough to get back to where I was, video blogging everyday, always sharing with you, living online.  That’s why there’s no videos since, it’s not for lack of trying.  

I have here 8 un-edited ones where I tried just to talk to the camera and bring you up to speed, but they’re all very meh.  Soon come, I can feel it, it’s coming back.