I was the admin girl today, then tonight I was the assistant to one of the guys in charge.  We had to walk among the floor seats and inform people they couldn’t stand on their chairs.  I just do not have the heart; let me re-create this for you:

tap tap tap.  “Excuse me! I’m really sorry [palms up, apologetic face], but you gotta get down from there.  You know, insurance reasons! Dumb, I know!  Hey could you reach over and tell that guy too please? Thank you so much!” 

Then my boss gets a text and takes off running, so I do too.  We get to somewhere and:

Him:   Keri! Get my back! 
Me:     Huh? [staring with mouth open, eyes squinted]
Him:   Watch my back! Bring up the rear!
Me:     [more of the same]november 7 2008
Him:    [spins me around and plants me behind him back to back] 
Me:     Ohhhh, got it!
Me:     [and I am looking, looking, looking]
Me:     Nothing to report back here!  Things are looking good!

Then it was over as quickly as it started, and he’s off again and I’m running to catch up.

Me:   What was that all about?
Him:  Oh Keri, really? We just escorted the band from the stage to their van.