Some screenshots from the footage I took:

This is a “Precision Jump”… you leap from one thing to another and land solidly, not like, flailing about.  The photo on the right is me laying between the two things I jumped; I’m 5’2” and there’s a few inches above my head.  And while maybe the most boring parkour move it’s one of the toughest because it’s almost all mental.

That’s a “Kong Vault”.  I’m at the little garden area in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square. Cute fence eh?  And that heater throws off a surprising amount of heat. 

The hardest thing I did all night (three times).  I stood on top of a handrail, reached up to that little roof overhang and pulled myself up to the second story of the back of the Eaton Centre.  Alllll arms.  april 23 2009

Wait till you see my new bruises; they’re already light purple and puffy… I’ll show you tomorrow.