Learned some new things… dynamic moves (a climbing term to describe leaping from one place to another… in this case hanging from two rings up to the bar they’re attached to) and my new favorite, the gate vault.

I should try to go back and get footage of the tree.  Wait, think I’ve posted a photo of this tree, hang on….yup, click here – top row, middle photo.

So last time I walked straight across but today had to crawl because of the new sprouts coming out everywhere [note: a forest looks exactly different from winter to spring, like, unrecognizable] and halfway across the tree breaks. 

I’m already in a crouch and ride it down 5 feet till it rests on the bank and then finish crawling.  And I swear to you my heart did not pick up one beat of pace, unaffected calmness.  Know why?

     I am a natural born spy.

may 31 2009