I’ve been editing all day on tape (not by choice, not for this show) and it’s killllling me…you have to render in real time ARE you kidding.  

I’ve never not known digital and have stated that if I had to use anything but, I wouldn’t do it.  And I wouldn’t.  HD either, but I’ll get to that in a sec.

Tape is arduous and messy all around.  One time when in talks with a potential partner for this show, this guy said he wanted to give me a film camera to shoot landscapes out the window while I drive.  I knew at that moment there was no way it was a fit; said he should buy a coffee table book for that.

Now regarding HD, a theory:

You know how the big media broadcasting guys were the only way to reach people, then the internet came and crushed that, right.  So remember last year when they announced, “if you want to have your stuff shown on our network, it must be in HD”.  Well with that one new rule they eliminated so so many, myself included, from ever having their stuff broadcast and [ya still] really reaching people.  


1 – So now you can see the crappy content clearer… why not make better content
2 – The rendering and storage of video files is already cumbersome… why would I want to increase either of those things
3 – It’s going to get very compressed anyway when you stick it online, who cares

In short: I think HD should marry Tape and give each other syphilis. 

may 19 2009

Okay okay one more thing, look at that.  It’s the system I devised to fast forward the tape because even just that took crazy long and like, I had to go about life.

I dedicate this post to @motionblur