We’ve been BFFs a long time, and often meet up to go see Ann-Margret.  We love her.  Tony’s been a fan for years and through him I was introduced to her.  Figuratively & literally; I’ve met her 3 times backstage and the last time she hugged me.  I couldn’t speak.  I can do the whole ‘Appreciation’ song and dance from ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

The last time we met up at the Mall of America and drove up to North Dakota to see her at Norsk Hostfest.  We had front row seats, waved to her and Tony gave her flowers.december 1 2008

Then we went back to our hotel which might be the worst place I’ve ever stayed.  When we first walked in Tony opened the window to get rid of the stank and the entire thing fell out of the wall. Once we were done laughing we went to buy towels and Lysol.  I used the entire can and slept in my clothes.