Went for a long walk this afternoon… started up on Bloor Street then ambled all the way down Yonge.  And look:march 8 2009


HOW perfect are these shoes for me?  They’re by DSquared2, one of our country’s premiere designers.  And that photo on the right is the latest, and my favorite, addition to my Canadian postcard collection.  It’s made by Hotzee, a Canadian company which I’ve added to my “to visit” list.  I’ve got to hang a few more up then I’ll post a photo of them all.  

Okay, a confession here… I have zero resistance when it comes to buying tacky souvenirs, always have.  And I really lose it in truck stops.  During my cross country trip it’ll be tough, I know it.  

I’m gonna have to start holding contests, “Hey!  Enter to win all these precious things I’ve collected!”.  I did exercise some restraint today though, the below two photos on the left are things I left at the store:

Pretty nice neck pillow, eh?  That’s a mirror and key-chain holder in the middle.  The book, So, You Want to be Canadian is something I will buy though, but it was locked up in the store today.