More information on this episode.  In order of appearance: august 26 2009

– Hearn Generating Station, click here and here

– map of where I’m driving, click here

– what I did at the Indy, click here

– about the Brennen & Rowenta partnership, click herehere and here

– I chose those potential sponsors because I actually use the stuff… click here for ‘The Tim’s Shot’, here for ‘THE Blackberry Shot’, here to meet my Rogers girl Sandra, here to meet the owner of my favourite gas station… and so it goes.  Keri Lotion obviously.

– about Stéphane’s grassroots marketing campaign here and here  *

– see the postcard I mailed to George here

– what I said on Twitter about the C130 here

– about my brother and I laughing hard here

* Why I felt compelled to tell you about this in French, that was a mistake… Stéphane is French so I thought it’d be nice to speak in his language but I just butchered it all.  That’s the peril of doing “I get one shot at this”… so sorry, I realize it’s painful to watch, least you didn’t have to edit it OMG I was in a perma-cringe.