I threw myself a ‘Blog Party’ (invite is here all links about it are here) to bring the online world into the real one, and to kick off Season 2 of ‘The Canadian Explorer’.  

Here is that party.


In order of appearance:

– watch the full episode, ‘Exploring a Fair

– watch the full, ‘I Read You my Manifesto

– pipe maker Julius Vesz

– about the Badlands

– Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world

– the Transformer convention

– about diamonds, click here and here

– the oldest baseball park in the world  

– the Toronto Star

Ensoe and his graffiti


– sponsor ideas, “What’s Out Her Window?” and “What’s In Her Backseat?” 

– search: Brennen Demelo

– about me laughing

– my Gary Vaynerchuk interview

– when I talked my way onto a warship, ‘Exploring the CDN Navy’, probably my favourite episode yet, and make sure to click on ‘How I Got Home’

– the Hockey Legends at Maple Leaf Gardens

– my Intro and Theme Song

Thank you kindly to my sponsors!

The Reservoir Lounge (Ray is your guy, meet him in this post)

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