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Samsung is the ‘Official Mobile Olympic Partner’ with their new phone, the OMNIA II.  So they are hosting a contest to send 5 teams of 2 out to Vancouver for 3 weeks to report for them, and come ON how perfect a fit is this?! 

Above is my video entry… and HEY SAMSUNG PEOPLE!  I’m the team you want, what your rules asked us to do in our entries is what I’ve been doing for yearsss, Mike too (that’s my team, Mike and I, ‘The CDN Explorers’).

And also Samsungclick here to meet me in 18 seconds when I sum it up for you, in song, click here for maybe my favourite episode, “Exploring the CDN Navy”, and here for the ‘Blog Party’ video I’m referencing in my entry.

And here’s the TwitVid from the video.