Gary Vaynerchuk – I’ve been a fan since discovering him in early ’08 so of course I went tonight because he’s on his book tour (#2 on the NY Times Bestseller list!) and I wanted to shake his hand.

He’s even better in person and is 100% present.  Plus his hustle comes out of his pores and sticks to you, nice.

Oh and hey Gary!  When reviewing the footage, I realized something I told you isn’t correct… yes I’ve had an online show for 2+ years but only since February of this year have I had this website.  

And that’s the biggest thing I took away from your book: it takes time and I must be more patient than I naturally am.

Click here to see my Intro and have me sum it up in 18 seconds, in song.

And here’s my best episode yet, Exploring the CDN Navy

Thank you for taking the time tonight and the best of luck to you, you wear success well.

Crush It the book

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I inhaled his book, you should too, click above to buy.