I came up to Eagle Lake with Andy, who brought along his friend (and my new one), Tex.

Quick story: while sitting on the ice Tex told us how there was a group of professional divers working in the lake a few years back.  All of a sudden they shot up to the surface and refused to ever ever go down into the lake again.  They were that spooked AND refused to talk about what they saw.  And these guys are professionalsmarch 5 2009

Weird eh?  And Tex is not a guy to elaborate or be dramatic; I believe every word. He said maybe they saw an Ogopogo.  Me: “what is that?”.

Well!  Turns out Canada has it’s very own Lock Ness Monstor kinda guy, an Ogopogo.  I added that to my trip list > Go visit the Ogopogo in BC.  Along with searching for the Sasquatch, we will be busy.