I said no.

It was flattering to be asked to rep a company, however, if I don’t use something I can’t endorse it.  All money is not the same colour.  And I am a stickler for properness… like, I can count on one hand the number of songs I’ve downloaded and that was eight years ago.

Last year I let myself get talked into installing cracked software on my laptop.  But you can’t just do that; I had to then install this anti-serial-number-checking thing, then something else… basically it snowballed and not long after my laptop fried itself.  Apple had to give me a new one it was so bad.  I doubt it was completely from that (I pound on this thing, especially when editing) but yaaa, first and last time.

Why am I telling you this?  

Two reasons:may 28 2009

1 – because I want you to know that the sponsors I partner with in the upcoming months (I’m ready now to start this pitch program I’ve got designed in my head) are things and companies I believe in, use and feel confident telling you about.  

2 – I feel bad for another light day blogging (another big work day today) and so I think I’m subconsciously trying to fill up space.  Note I did not blog about what I ate or anything food related like that; made a pact with myself to not become that blogger.  

Having a blog has meant a real life-shift I’ve found.  Constant documentation, you know? Probably.