Nicole Ritchie launched her jewelry line at Holt Renfrew tonight; they kept the store open, served drinks, people shopped, met Nicole and bought her stuff.  

I was stationed outside of the bathrooms and had to ensure anyone going in didn’t take with them unpaid merchandise.  So basically it looked like I was eye-raping everyone but I prevented any thefts so yaaaaa.

Here’s me in a disco ball, and beside that are the gift bags I helped the salesgirls organize (200+ of them).  

april 21 2009

You do not even realize how much I want to be sponsored by Holt’s.  Ever since the beginning of the show I’ve wanted that.  Canada’s most giglala department store?  Yes please.  I even have the best tag line I invented.

At the end of it all I had to clear the washrooms (don’t I sound so spy-like?) and found two ladies inside.  So instead of giving them the boot I joined in on their conversation and we were cackling away.  I maintain that the girl’s bathroom is often the most fun spot in a place.