… I found this photo:

That’s the first ever quilt I made.  I used handkerchiefs and won’t ever, ever again; the material is way too thin to be reasonable.  
Just to say it, that’s a very complicated pattern.  And the quilting (definition: stiching through layers of fabric to create a design) is intense.  You can’t really tell though because I used a disposable camera to take that photo.  No digital you say?  Nope, here’s why:

I had a digital camera before many people even had heard of them (“did you take the photo? There was no click?”).  My dad was a geek therefore I was a geek, and above was a Christmas present circa 11 years ago, an AGFA ePhoto 307: 640×480, 4 AAs, used a serial cable.  

It went everywhere with me (note the green tape) and I amassed thousands+ of photos. And then my computer tanked, every single one gone, my heart broke and I vowed never again.  And until I got my Blackberry I haven’t had one.