april 8 2009

Oh SNAP I’m a happy explorer again; I picked up the studio at the end of the day.

And as luck would have it (well it is the 8th of the month) Dave the owner said it wasn’t the whole clutch that needed replacing but just the clutch cable; that’s half the price.   Then he gave me a 12 item list he’d made me of things that will need to be done soon, itemized in priority of urgency.  

So off I went and promptly got lost in Etobicoke.  And that’s how I accidentally found Woodbine Racetrack

If you’re like me and have never bet on a horse here’s what you do: go up to the second floor, look for the guy in the little booth and get him to help you put $20 on the horse with the best name.  

Top left is ‘Everything Zen’ hoofing it around the track, and top right is my winning ticket; he came in second.  I was SO pumped to take that ticket to the cashier where I proudly exclaimed, “I won SIX bucks”.  Oh and apparently Wednesday nights are the time to come in the summer… live racing and lots of young people.