Generation Go is “an online community for all active urbanites living in the Greater Toronto Area”, and they asked to interview me (!) so that is happening tomorrow.  

They also asked me to pick a location for this interview; I mulled and googled, found a place and drove by tonight to see if it would work.

That’s Hearn Generating Station, a de-commissioned power plant which was once Canada’s first 100 MW producing plant, opened in 1951.  At its peak it was producing 1200 MWs but it was shut down in 1983 when burning coal became unpopular.  It almost turned into a movie studio in 2003, but didn’t.  Its smokestack is 205m, making it one of the tallest things in Toronto.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to get in, heard there’s guards there.  But the photo bottom right might be a good entry point.  If that fails, the backup plan is some great climbing trees across the road.  And the backup backup plan is the beach. 

june 22 2009