I had to get away from my desk for a sec tonight, so I went for a drive.

3 squeegy guys OCD’ out on my car, their words, then I passed, get this, at least 15 firetucks. I turned around, I had to know.

Me: How come there are so many of you everywhere?
Firefighter: There was a fire
Me: Oh
Me: What burned down?
Him: Nothing burned down
Me: Oh
Me: What was on fire?
Him: A house [walks away]

I went to find the house, look:

july 13 2009
It was like walking into daylight.  And there’s the inside of a fire truck, you don’t get to see that everyday.  There were emergency people everywhere, an EMS bus, some other rubberneckers like me.  

It was a house on Fermanagh Avenue, no one got hurt, but it was such a big fire (3-alarm) it took them over an hour to extinguish.