When I told you recently about some emails I’d sent out, owner Jack Waldenmaier was one of the recipients.  Please say hello to:

MusicBakery.com – ‘The Official Music Supplier of The Canadian Explorer’

I’ve been at this two years and have seen 85% of the possible places to buy from (not everywhere offers classical) and always go back to Jack’s for three reasons:

1 – the website’s preview back-end is solid, so it’s smooth and easy to select tracks.  This part’s big because sometimes the episode doesn’t fully assemble in my head until I hear the correct music

2 – when it says “full orchestra” it actually is.  Some sites embellish that, like, one oboe and a couple violins does not an orchestra make

3 – the music from here has regular breaks and changes in the tempo so it’s easy to edit to

He’d emailed back asking what format I’d like the requested songs in (.AIF please) and made me a special page to download the three tracks plus a collection of 10-second diddys, classy.  Now we’re set for the next three episodes and I’ve never had this before, a new song for each.  

It’s going to make a big difference because I won’t have to get all inventive and cut up previously-used songs, trying to make them sound new.  And the footage and music really stick together in my head and make it sometimes tough to dream up new edit sequences.

Click here to check out Jack’s personal site; he’s also a composer of more than 800 commercial musical compositions and is the President of the ‘Dallas Modern Music Ensemble’, Voices of Change.

And Jack, thank you very much.