Are you tired of the Olympics yet, Vancouver?  Not gonna lie, between the over-stimulation, lineups and crowds I had a twinge this weekend.

in preparing to come here I’ve been laser-beam focused, but that’s nothing compared to your last four years.

The billboards and TV ads, the construction… many of you have told me “the build up has been forever and we just want to get on with it.”

You know what occurred to me though?  There’s this thing that happens to event planners… when their function finishes they become depressed because the lead-up is fast and intense, then a high during the actual event – and then nothing.  That’s when the blues kick in.  

So I’m concerned that, as a city,. this might happen.  Hope I’m wrong, but if it does and you need a laugh you can watch me doing something online, that’s guaranteed.

Vancouver 24 Hours