Whenever I drive for an extended distance I pretend I’m on my cross-country trip, and here’s some things I thought:

april 17 2009

Top Photo
– I just really want to go there
– I was designing an editing suite to be setup in my passenger seat.  Think of the efficiency of that
– my windows need to be cleaned 

Bottom Left 
– the schedule will need to be kept flexbile so when things like a ‘Psychic Dinner and Show’ at a Holiday Inn pop up, I can go
– keeping up with my exercise routine is gonna be a challenge, and eating well too; I took this across the street from my Tim Horton’s stop

Bottom Right
– would it be neat to collect an similarly set up image like bottom right in each night?  [upon further thought, no, that would last 4 weeks max).  But where will I be sleeping each night? That’s exciting to me.  I’m looking forward to living in hotels for a year.