Some days I wear a disguise like this:july 25 2009

It used to be just a hat, but on account of today’s freezingness plus my recent new-look epiphany, this is Me Today.

Ran my errands, and in the past I would have driven through that flooded parking lot with relish, but since Jay’s and my adventure I’ve learned that’s unwise.  Then I picked up some dinner and below right is my view as I ate in my car, that’s Cherry Beach.  I go there often, actually, that’s where I filmed, ‘I Read You my Manifesto‘.

Went to a BBQ, threw a ball around, got an editing job lead.  Give me something to throw and I’m happy for hours.  I don’t like to show up empty handed so I brought the host some orange gerber daisies, which he looked kinda confused to receive after he said, “Oh Keri hey, it’s you, didn’t recognize you there”.  Exactly.

[note: as I linked up Cherry Beach above, I learned about the “Cherry Beach Express” and wtf, really?  Maybe.  In my head I’m like, “if I ever saw that happening I’d march right over and involve myself” but I wonder if I really would.  Which is why I need to get going on this