Top Two
This is one of those shredding trucks that have been fascinating me since I moved here. They pull up and shred whatever a business gives them.  I’ve been wanting to explore this, but it’d be a short exploration since really my only question is:

Me: Have you considered a lucrative side business by providing sensitive corporate espionage information to interested third parties?

That’s my own personal shredder there on the right.  That photo is from weeks ago when my Visas were compromised and I had to get new ones.  I shred everything.

Bottom Left
It’s a crap photo, but what it is is looking out the window of the restaurant I’m eating in is a reflection of a TV playing the Food Network behind me.  

Sometimes I think there’s a secret to life when I see this.  Like, looking out the window I can either watch the TV, or, adjust my eyes just a little and watch what’s happening on the street.  Which gets me wondering if maybe that’s the trick to it all, adjusting your eyes just a little and whammo – enlightenment.

Bottom Middle
That’s my new thing: Vitamin Water.  After my shift the other night there were two cases of it waiting in our ops room (classy, eh) so I had one for the first time and it’s quite nice.  It’s not sugary like other power drinks (is that what I call them?) and the sayings on the bottles are clever.  Plus it’s good for you.

Bottom Right
I adore the night; everything is better at night.  Sure it’s also nice also to see the sun come up, and I wonder if I should be training myself to sleep in shifts so I can have the best of both worlds.