A ‘criterium’ is a short course bike race usually held in a city centre.  Lots of laps, high speeds (40 – 60km/h) and the riders stick together in a pack or ‘peleton’.  This one circled around St. Lawrence Market, see the course here.

That’s my bike after it was valet parked courtesy of the Toronto Cyclists Union.  Fancy huh.

may 29 2009

No one from my team was present and not gonna lie, I wasn’t that into it.  It’s just not as fun when you don’t have someone to root for directly.

What was fun though was meeting my Twitter friend in real life, @fuzzz, he’s looking good, eh?  I look like I’ve been lifting weights with my neck.  

@ModernMod was there too, but there’s no point in taking a photo of us because I’ll never be able to top this one.  This week he was dubbed one of “Toronto’s most interesting Twitterers” by the Globe and Mail; congratulations dude.

Then I rode home in the rain, totally forget my mascara would be affected and it was all over the place #AccidentalEmo.