Karin and I went exploring Russian things.  I don’t know why but I’ve always adored anything Russian, and having wanted always to go see such things going with a native today was even better.

Beautiful, eh?  That’s at Troyka, the Russian Art Store.  

That’s where I was introduced to Cheburashka / Чебурашка, this little guy whom everyone watched as a kid, kinda like our… Tom and Jerry maybe?  Watch his adventures on YouTube here.

Then we went to Yummy Market where I got a chance to butcher their language, found some fish in a barrel and was poking them with some tongs.  

We got Russian candy and food and made a picnic in the studio, “look Karin, my sandwich is shifting gears!”

Then I dropped her off at Ryerson so she could attend an awards ceremony where she was a recipient of a Philosophy award, congratulations lady.

Belshoyeh spasiba Karin, ya loobleeyu Ruskava yazika.