Casie, Tony and I talked blogs all lunch.

Then we all blogged the lunch.

Here’s Casie’s   here’s Tony’s.

Neat place, eh?

It’s Aunties and Uncles since 1998, and definitely go… quality for $10ish, sick atmosphere but don’t wear anything that needs drycleaning because it’s really busy so a lot of cooking and steam is happening.

Then we walked the long way home laughing.

Tony Pierce is a veteran and big-deal-blogger… his blog is 9 years old, he blogged his way to A CAR (hey Tony my studio is my car) and now runs the LA Times blog everything.  I know. 

Here’s the story of how he did that in a post he just put up.  

Thanks for taking the time today, Tony, what a motivating way to kick off a new blog year.