It’s still possible and will happen, this cross-country-celebrating-Canada trip, documenting it online, that’s all the same, but the way I do it has changed.  

While at the Olympics two big things happened, 1 – I saw thousands of people who loved and wanted to fist-pump for Canada as much as me, so okay great, this invention of mine really has legs.  

But 2 – everything I thought and planned, for the last 2+ years, about how I was going to make it happen, I realized none of it will work.  It was simultaneously uplifting and devastating at the same time and definitely contributed to my zombie-ness when I returned home.

I’ve always planned for it to be just me, driving around, making a video a day and doing what I did in Vancouver… producing and researching my own stories, blogging and editing everything myself, on the road, on a couch, just me.  

But having done that for three weeks and then crashing hard for another three, well, how inefficient is that?  And the fun wears off, and you’d see that, and who wants to watch an exhuasted girl online?  I don’t wanna even edit that.

You know what else?  I no longer want to do it by myself either.  I wouldn’t say I’m a natural team player, I’ve never played a team sport, I’m kind of a loner… but it started after I sailed on that warship and was immersed in a giant team for a few days, that’s when I started to think maybe it’d be better to have a partner-in-crime* with me.

But for sure I’m going to try to put them in their own car for the trip, I mean how much small talk can I be expected to make?  🙂

* I’ve been adding characteristics to a list for 2+ years of my dream assistant, his name is “My Guy”, he’s a one-stop-shop of help, and I’ll tell you all about him another day.