Something is wrong with the Studio, again, so I stopped in at my Canadian Tire to see the guys.

july 21 2009

I asked them to put it on the hoist and marched underneath with them.  It’s the catalytic converter, the thing attached to the exhaust that reduces the toxins emitted.  It’s making a fiercesome noise, will not result in ‘compensation injury’ should I put off getting it fixed, and apparently if you take the thing off and replace it with a straight pipe you’ll increase the horsepower of your engine by 10%.  Betcha by the time I’m done going cross-country I’ll be a not bad mechanic.

Then my guy said, “are you satisfied?”.  How nice is that?  That’s why I like these guys. And I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing the converter went because it’ll push me to get myself a car maintenance sponsor, which I’d like to be Canadian Tire.  I do love my guys at Autoshop, but there Canadian Tires all across the country.

Then I walked across to Shoppers Drug Mart and, for the first time ever, had photos printed.

I’m pusing the “I accept these terms and conditions” button but really what’re you going to do, not?  And as I proof read this blog post before hitting the publish button I realized holy crap I’m boring this week.