I was at TFcon, Canada’s Largest Transformer Convention; people even drove up from the States.  It was in a 10,000sq.ft. room in a hotel by the airport and I was there helping out a friend who deals the stuff.  

One of my tasks was to build Superion, a Transformer made up of 5 smaller Transformers and ya, it’s harder than you think.  And kinda scary since it’s 25+ years old, delicate, rare and expensive.  It sold.  And that’s the Transformer Bible, no joke.  

I ended up having to get help to finish it.  This ex-soldier guy made it fly together and then taught me how to bring someone to their knees by moving around their knuckles when you shake their hand.  

Top left is a very special, limited edition semi-truck trailer from Fans Project.  Only 500 were made before they broke the mold and all were sold here at the show.  Top right is a dealer there with a rumoured… ready?… $1 million of merchandise.  And there on the bottom are empty boxes for sale. There is even a scale (1 – 10) to rate the condition and quality of a box.

Top right is the Superion I built, bottom left is an Asia exclusive set and bottom right are ones from circa 1980, $90+/each.

There’s also some photos of me and people dressed up as Transformers (my friend has to email me them still) and wait till you see the yellow one (Bumblebee?) – amazing.