june 22 2009

So far so good.  But then I opened up my “big interview file”, aka “the ending to this episode” and NO AUDIO. 

That’s Jamie, the head instructor at the school for 17 years and all-around great guy.  He’s presenting me with my “you completed racing school!” certificate and look how much fun we’re having.  

I was still beside myself at this point, from my big day, so he took over the interview and even led us to espouse the merits of Bridgestone tires, to which I exclaimed, “Yup! They’re the only reason I was able to stay on the road!”… “too far Keri, too far”.  

Remember I said I was nervous to film this episode, so much going on?  Maybe that’s how I screwed up so bad, maybe it was the rain, I don’t know.  I had it all worked out in my head… I wasn’t able to get shots of me driving (can’t put my camera out in the rain) but Colour Tech Photography took shots of me and I’ll use them instead, but there is sound missing all over the place.

I am not taking this well.  I twittered last night something like, “There’s no audio, I’m close to tears” but deleted it this morning because I didn’t want the internet to tell him what happened, I wanted it to come from me face-to-face.  Because I’ve cancelled everything today and am about to drive back up there, tell him, and hopefully he’ll do a re-shoot with me.  

Jaime, I’m sorry.