Tomorrow we’re going to explore the old CFB Edgar Military Base, a radar station that in 1952-64 was part of NORAD and the Pinetree Line radar stations.  It’s atop the highest hill in the area and visible from CFB Bordon, our largest training facility in our army and where the ‘Royal Canadian Air Force’ was founded.

august 7 2009

Found it by navigating towards that tower, top left, and bottom left is the view as you pull into the front gate.  And wave to the guard while keeping that blank look on your face (top right, aka, my spy face) and do an 800 point turn while soaking up as much information as you can about the place.  

Seems to be just one guard on duty who has a car and probably patrols with it once an hour (guessing) and you know that sound a radio makes when your cel is about to ring? My radio was doing that.  So there’s communications happening here, but to where and whom? Or is that what it’s from?  Does it really matter?  No.

It was converted into a rehab centre for disabled adults after it was no longer needed for radar things.  And according to my research it is one of the only abandoned places in Ontario (maybe even Canada) which has a bowling alley.  That’s our goal: find the bowling alley.  Slightly right and through the forest in the photo bottom right, that’s our entry point.