Jody and I went to Shopper’s, maybe the only store I have zero self-restraint in.  Go in for paper towels, emerge $30 lighter.  We were learning about makeup from Jodi, top left:

Me: You’re also a TV producer?  Oh too cool, will you be in blog photo then?
Jodi: Ya I do stuff for ET Canada, and you have a show too?
Jodi: You know who you should approach for sponsorship?  Scotiabank
Me: They’re on my list!
Jodi: And Lise Waiter will be here Saturday
Me: They’re on my list, too*
Jodi: And Volkswagon
Me: I have one, my studio is my car!

* When I photoshopped that photo of us I was taken aback, look at the name what we’re standing beneath… it’s a sign. 

Then, do you remember FX the clothing store?  I do, because in high school when I’d come to the city I’d make sure to always go there because to me they were Queen West.  Bottom right is Simon, the founder of FX and that’s us in his new store, Original.  Same fun stuff and do I ever want one of his crinolines… 35 yards of bright red fun.


We were chatting and he told me I looked familiar, which I kinda dismissed because I get that a lot, but then turns out we actually had met before at a party last summer on the top of that building top right.

He lives close to Russell Oliver, you know, the jewelry guy who buys your used gold.  I heart him, grew up on him, and I’ve always wanted to make an ad for him… editing that guy’d be killer.