september 23 2009

I’m in The Bay (Official Supplier) perusing and OMG it’s light years better than our 2008 stuff what WAS THAT?  Remember?  Hang on I’ll find a photo…. kay, click here and here

I’d wear all the 2010 gear, and I think our Mascots are the best ever.  Still haven’t heard back from the “Carry the Torch Contest” I entered.  

I have two explorations booked already out there, “Exploring Snow Making on the Olympic Hill” and “Exploring Behind-the-Scenes of Online Stuff with Bell” (those are working titles), and I *tentatively* have a place to stay, too.

That’s how I figure my “Exploring the Olympics” will be, all hacked together-like.  Covering, say, figure skating doesn’t interest me anyway, moreover I’ll never get tickets to the grand finale or get footage that will compare to a network’s.  

What I’d do is go find the skaters when they’re done, eat Big Mac’s with them and then do “Exploring Blowing Off Some Steam in the Olympic Village Since They No Longer Need to Compete and Can Let Their Gaurd Down Now”.