The studio would not start.  I didn’t leave the light on overnight or anything, I don’t know why it’s happened.   Same thing happened with my cel phone.

Three times I had to get boosted today, and when I had to go inside somewhere for an errand I had to leave it running outside and just hope it’d be there when I came out.  Of course it was.

august 29 2009

If you’re in a rush turns out that Beck Taxi will come and boost your car for $20.  For those not living here, Beck is our largest taxi company, all their cabs are orange and green, and they’re kinda like Toronto’s version of New York City’s yellow ones.

I know how to boost a car now – take those cables and match up the red to the red wires on the battery, and the other ones to the other ones, easy eh.

Then CAA came and helped me twice.  I’ve yet to meet a CAA guy I didn’t like.  I blew out a tire last summer in Midland and the guy was really good to me but I didn’t have cash to tip him so dude, I owe ya.