We meet at Cloud Gardens then run through the Financial District.  If ever you wanna come go here for details.

From left to right:

– that’s my very favorite thing to do here… I run and kick up that wall, pull myself up those bars and the best part is swinging up to the railing ontop because it feels like for one second I’m weightless

– the jump I pansied out on.  I almost did it but then climbed back over the railing.  I don’t know why I’m being a baby about it, I did it last yearmarch 27 2009

– my head went right in-between those two posts.  We’ll call that extremely lucky.  I threw myself over a railing in a turn vault, lost it, pitched forward with some speed and that’s where my head went.  That would have been a good concussion, my ninth, so whew to that.  It was a foolish mistake, I woke up a fever so I’m kinda off

– then I kong vaulted that, I got my kong back!  Took me a while to make it over without putting my feet down.  This sport is 80% mental and konging a concrete barrier is how I hurt myself so badly in October.  So ya, kinda proud.  Then I did 10 in a row to memorize the feeling, and sent myself home.